At Strategic Solutions Global we understand that women play a critical role in the success & development of her respective community across Africa & The African Diaspora. Women are assets and must be nurttured so they can serve contributors whether that be in governance, 


Strategic Solutions Global is a Leadership Development Firm for Global LeadHERs across Africa & The Diaspora. Through our exclusive community & network, we provide support, training and development as well as key strategies to help women scale & expand their impact globally.


It's Imperative for Global LeadHERs across Africa & HER Diaspora to Connect, Collaborate & Catalyze Change!

Nancy Taiye Aragbaye

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nancy leverages her expertise in organizational development, performance management, and program design to help her clients achieve their desired outcomes and amplify their voices and impact. She is committed to amplifying the impact of Global LeadHERs across Africa & The Diaspora and telling their stories of transformation & change.

In addition to her business and leadership acumen, Nancy is a global speaker who uses her voice to drive transformation across communities and organizations. Her versatile speaking profile enables her to empower women, youth and business leaders across the globe. Whether she is delivering high-quality training or serving as an empowerment keynote speaker, Nancy’s ultimate goal is to leave an indelible impact with her audiences.